World War II - Canada's Role (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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Worl War II - Canada's Role
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
56 pages
Grades: 7 to Adult
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This unit examines all aspects of World War II - from its causes to its end. Canada's role is highlighted against the backdrop of a world at war. The four-week unit is divided into three parts combining optional lessons and a pictoral history with the main, information-based body of the unit. Finally, a unit about World War II, written from a Canadian perspective.

PART I - "TOTAL WAR" (1939 - 1945)

Part I is a structured, knowledge-based section focussing on important events of World War II. The unique Canadian perspective is integrated into the unit as students complete a series of overhead notes related assignments, designed to help the information sink in. Lesson topics and activities are:

  1. Causes Of The War / The Rise Of Hitler - "Concept Map/Web"
  2. Blitzkrieg / Battle Of Britain - "The World At War" (Map Activity)
  3. Pearl Habour / Turning Points - "World War II Timeline"
  4. Dieppe - "War Correspondent" (Writing Activity)
  5. D-Day - "Saving Private Ryan" (Movie Review)
  6. Air War / U-Boat War - "Weapons Of World War II"
  7. Surrender - "Review Worksheet"


Optional activities help to build a degree of flexibility into the unit. Optional assignments can be added as seperate activities, used to compliment other topics or given as enrichment. Topics include:

  1. World War II Wordsearch 
  2. World War II / Current Events
  3. Literature Resources
  4. Movie Resources
  5. Video Resources
  6. Enrichment Crossword
  7. Famous Battles
  8. Internet Sites
  9. Death By Moonlight


A collection of six diagrams and a cover suitable for colouring, depict important moments in the history of the force. The diagrams are:

  1. Blitzkrieg
  2. Day of Infamy
  3. Battle Of The Atlantic
  4. Dieppe
  5. Last Stand At Stalingrad
  6. War In The Air
  7. The Nuclear Age