World War I - Canada And The Great War (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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World War 1 - Canada And The Great War
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
64 pages
Grades: 7 to Adult
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Conflict is the central theme of this accurate account of the First World War. The unit emphasizes the integral role played by Canada, with topics ranging from life in the trenches to the Battle Of Vimy Ridge. The three-week unit is divided into three parts combining optional lessons and a pictorial history with the main, information-based body of the unit. Finally, a unit that will allow students to understand the true story behind Canada's role in World War I.

PART I - THE "GREAT WAR" (1914-1918)

Part I is a structured, knowledge-based section focused on important events of World War I. The unique Canadian perspective is integrated into the unit as students write down a series of overhead notes and complete related assignments designed to help the information hit home. Lesson topics and activities are:

  1. The Start Of The War / The Trenches - "Mud, Rats and Death" (Worksheet)
  2. Gas Attack - "In Flanders Fields" (Handwriting Activitiy) 
  3. Battle Of The Somme - "Recruiting Sergeant" (Song Analysis)
  4. Vimy Ridge - "From Where Do You Come?" (Map Activitiy) 
  5. Knight of The Air - "The Victoria Cross" (Worksheet)
  6. Conscription - A Country Divided - "World War I Crossword" (Review Activitiy)
  7. The End Of The War - "Rememberance Day Contest" (Prose/Poetry/Art Activitiy)


Optional activities help to build a degree of flexibility into the unit. Optional assignments can added as seperate activities, used to compliment other topics or given as enrichment. These include:

  1. World War I Wordsearch
  2. World War I Matching Review
  3. Sample Exam
  4. Halifax Explosion - Newspaper Story
  5. Web Sites
  6. Videos
  7. Bibliography And Selected Literature
  8. Interesting Words And Phrases Of World War I


A collection of seven diagrams and a cover, suitable for colouring, depict important moments in the history of the force. The diagrams are:

  1. The Trenches
  2. Gas
  3. Slaughter At Beaumont-Hamel
  4. Vimy Ridge
  5. Knights Of The Air
  6. The Muds Of Passchendaele
  7. War's End