What a Mess! (ebook Gr: PK to 1)

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What A Mess!
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
23 pages
Grades, PK to 1
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Make a Big Book and Hands On Activities to supplement an Environmental Theme

This is a funny story about a girl who doesn't like to keep her room clean. Read the story as a supplement to your environmental theme study. Use the story as a kick start to a classroom environmental awareness project. Students will become responsible towards keeping their immediate environment tidy and clean.

Included Resources:

  1. Big book pattern for What a Mess!
  2. Bulletin Board for Classroom Helpers.
  3. Certificate of Classroom Helper Award.
  4. Hands On, "Can you help Kathryn clean up her room?"
  5. Hands On Activity for Story Sequencing.

Student Skills and Objectives:

  1. Students will realize that respect and responsibility towards a good environment can begin at home with their own belongings, and in the classroom that is shared with others.
  2. Students will understand the household cleaners can be dangerous.
  3. Students will listen to a story.
  4. Students will participate in an oral discussion.
  5. Students will participate as Classroom Helpers.