Weather Instruments (ebook Gr: 1 to 3)

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Weather Instruments: Rain Gauges, Barometers, Humidity and Thermometers
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
97 pages
Grades: 1 to 3
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Weather Insturments: Rain Gauges, Barometers, Humidity and Thermometers is a two week language arts unit intended for use with Grade Two/Three children. It can be used to strengthen the children's reading and writing skills. Throughout this unit, children are involved in activities that focus their attention on language and how it is used. They brainstorm, use jot notes, write paragraphs, look up definitions in the dictionary, answer questions in complete sentences, and complete cloze activities.


Section One contains two weeks of lesson plans. The lesson plans describe the different teaching strategies for using the activities in each day's lesson. Each lesson includes a spelling activity, a brainstorming activity, writing a paragraph, looking up words in the dictionary, answering questions in complete sentences, completing a cloze activity, playing a weather instruments word game, and a parent page.


Section Two includes a student booklet that is ready to be photocopied for student use. There are four pages that go along with each of the weather instruments being studied. The first page contains a number of jot notes about the weather instrument. The children determine the best order for the jot notes and then use the jot notes to write a paragraphh or two about the weather instrument. The second page contains three vocabulary words. The children determine the meaning of each vocabulary word and then use the word in a sentence. The third page contains five questions about the weather instrument being studied. The children are encouraged to answer the questions using complete sentences. The fourth page contains a cloze activity for the children to complete, along with room to draw a picture of the weather instrument.


Section Three includes ten parent pages. The children take home a parent page at the end of each day's lesson. The parents page reinforce what the children learn each day. They are meant to make the parents aware of what their children are learning in school and should only take ten minutes each evening to complete.


Section Four contains a number of activities that are used throughout the unit. Two different levels of spelling words are included for each of the two weeks in this unit. The children are given the spelling lists that match their present spelling ability. A crossword puzzle and a word search puzzle are provided for each spelling list. The puzzles provide the children with an opportunity to practise their spelling words. The Weather Instruments Word Game reinforces the vocabulary words that the children study each day. Whenever the children have free time, they use the game cards to play concentration with a partner. In addition, a Weather Instruments Review Game provides the children with a review of the entire unit and prepares the children for their unit test.


A unit test and unit evaluation are included at the end of the unit. The unit test lets the teacher know what the children learned during the unit. The unit evaluation gives the children and opportunity to let the teacher know what they learned during the unit, what they liked about the unit, and what they didn't like about the unit.