Vidioms: Activating Idioms for ESL (3 videotapes Gr: 7 to A)

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  • ESL Book Publisher & Video Producer: Full Blast Productions
  • by John F. Chabot
  • ISBN 1-895451-02-7
  • 200 Page Workbook + 3 VHS videotapes
  • Intermediate & Advanced  High School/Adult
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  • VIDIOMS is a video/reproducible workbook package designed to make every idioms lesson a successful idioms lesson. With VIDIOMS, students learn to use idioms with confidence. VIDIOMS includes fifteen lessons, each which normally requires two class periods to complete, with homework. It is intended for high school students and adults. Ninety idioms are featured; six per lesson. The idioms chosen for study are those we commonly use. For example: It Figures, Jump to Conclusions, Keep In Mind, Feel Up To, Back Out, and On Second Thought.

    The (three tape) video portion of VIDIOMS is over two hours in length. The duration of a video lesson (approx. 9 minutes) is short enough to permit two viewings in a single class period. Students love video, and VIDIOMS even more! There are usually three short skits per idiom. The skits present a wide variety of situations and characters, with the idiom in question clearly presented in each skit´s theme. Each segment is a television micro-program, with a beginning, middle and end...with a punch line! Students love the humor in VIDIOMS.

    Each lesson in the VIDIOMS workbook begins with a transcript of what is said in the video. Definitions of the idioms follow the transcripts, with examples. Aspects of idiom use emphasized in the exercises are: Meaning, Working with Contextual Clues, Usage, Form and Function. Role play and oral exercises are designed to allow students to be creative with the idioms in particular and with the English language in general, and to combat negative affective factors.

    ************With Vidioms the workbook is an instant digital download (pdf) and the DVDs are shipped separately.************