Time (ebook Gr: PK to 3)

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Smart As A Fox
Dwayne Kohn
Beginners Grades PK to 3
eBook Price: $4.95

It's time for fun! Your students will be telling time in no time with these clever flip booklets! Not only do we cover the clock, but all other aspects of time are included as well: the days of the week, the months of the year, the four seasons, and other concepts such as yesterday, today and tomorrow!

First, you'll love our flip booklet watch which can be made to tell time on the hour, on the half hour, or any variation you need for your grade level! A separate digital clock teaches the concepts of the passage of time by flipping through either the minutes or the hours. Another flip booklet combines digital and analog clocks in one booklet for easy comparison and conversion!

Teach the name and major holiday of each month of the year in yet another flip booklet. The students will also create their own mini-journal of the days of the week in which they can record, with words or pictures, what they do on each day. They can then discuss and illustrate their favorite season in a colorful booklet. Are your students still confused by the idea of yesterday, today and tomorrow? Our little flip booklet on this subject will help fix that!