The Yukon Gold Rush (ebook Gr: 4 to 6)

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The Yukon Gold Rush (ebook)
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
60 pages
Grades 4 to 6
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In this unit, students journey north into the "Land Of The Midnight Sun" and learn about the famous Yukon Gold Rush of 1896. The unit is divided into three parts This is one "nugget" of a unit.

Included: Part I - Yukon Gold Rush

  • Part I is a structured section focusing on the historical facts of the Yukon gold rush. Students write down a series of notes dealing with the discovery of gold by George Carmack, Skookum Jim Mason and Tagish Charlie in 1896, and the explosion of events that followed. Each lesson is accompanied by a meaningful activity designed to compliment the factual, knowledge-based information conveyed by the notes. The topics and activities are:
  • The Discovery / Early Days - Gold Discovery (Role-Play)
  • Ships Of Gold / Gold Fever - Getting The Klondike Gold (Worksheet)
  • How Do You Get There From Here? - Sam's General Store (Math Problems)
  • White Pass And The Dead Horse Trail - Crooks And Shysters (Role-Play)
  • The Chilkoot Pass And The Golden Stairs - Avalanche (Role-Play)
  • To Dawson On The Mighty Yukon - Ted Harrison Style Picture
  • Dawson: City Of Gold - Pictoral Timeline

Yukon Gold!Part II- Starvation Winter Of 1897 (Drama Activities)

  • This section uses structured drama activities to help bring meaning to the unit. The episodes mirror what actually occurred in Dawson during the winter of 1897/1898. Three episodes are presented with the teacher in the role as a Yukon old-timer. The three episodes are: "Miming" For Gold, Disaster Hits Dawson (Starvation Winter), and Newspaper Reporter Interview

Part III - Optional Lessons

  • A series of optional activities helps to build a degree of flexibility into the unit and can be added as separate activities, used to complement other topics or given as enrichment. These include: Yukon Gold Wordsearch, Yukon Gold Crossword Puzzle, Panning For Gold / Meteorites, Homebuilt Sluice Box Written Questions, Movie Review, Baking Sourdough Bread/Buns


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