The Tropical Rain Forest (ebook K to 2)

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The Tropical Rain Forest
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
76 Pages
Grades: K to 2
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Hands On Activities, Rebus Story, Word Cards, and Family Homework Activities!

Contents Include:

  • Story
    • The Rain Forest Apartment - Big Book
  • Games
    • Vines, Snails, and Jaguar Tails - Tropical Rain Forest Board Game
    • Parrot Place Values
  • Tropical Rain Forest Hands On Centre Activities
    • Tropical Rain Forest Sticker Chart
    • Tropical Rain Forest Name Card
    • It's an Upside Down World for Sloths
    • Rain Forest Facts
    • Amazonian River Turtles Line Up
    • Spots on a Jaguar
    • How Old is a Macaw?
    • Hummingbirds Love Flowers
    • Tree Frogs
    • Rain Forest or Canadian Animals?
  • Family Homework
  • Tropical Rain Forest Writing Centre
    • Journal Word Cards
    • Message Cards
  • I see the Rain Forest Looking at Me - Rebus Rhymes and Activities

The Rain Forest Apartment - Big Book
Make a big book with easy to read narrative that tells about the layers of the tropical rain forest. As you flip the pages forward, the rain forest layers visually appear one by one, from the ground up.

Student Objectives:
Students will participate in shared reading.
Students will gain knowledge of the rain forest.