The Story of David (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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The Story of David

Fran Marshall

113 pages (includes bonus comprehension questions)

Intermediate to Advanced  Grades 7 to Adult

eBook Price $21.95


Fran Marshall presents The Story of David, written as a sequel to The Life and Times of Lillian. It is in part truthful, in part fictional as it chronicles the ingenious ways that a resourceful orphan boy goes form rags to riches. The Story of David owes its existence to Fran’s colleagues and their adult learners in all parts of the world whose enthusiastic response and positive feedback of The Life and Times of Lillian encouraged and inspired Fran to write the second family saga.

The book comprises twenty cliff-hanging episodes – readers await each chapter with eager anticipation to learn about yet another of David’s escapades.

The Story of David is written in the same format as The Life and Times of Lillian. Each four-page unit is a complete lesson with an introductory discussion, vocabulary study, an episode, comprehension and inference questions, a variety of related communicative activities and a writing segment.

A separate 24-page comprehension booklet accompanies The Story of David.


Documented comments from teachers:


‘My class loved The Story of David. As they studied each episode, they were eager to take part in animated discussions and predict what would happen to David in the next chapter.’


‘The lesson units were extremely useful – my learners completed all the grammar and related activities. They loved to role play the episodes.’


‘My class quickly and spontaneously made inferences and tried to predict what kind of drama would happen to David in the following episode.’

‘The Life and Times of Lillian and The Story of David are my most valuable resources – thank you, Fran, for sharing them with us.’


‘Once again, attendance was perfect when we studied David’s story.’

‘Fran, will you please write the next account of your fascinating family history.’