The Power Slam Grammar Book (ebook Gr: 5 to A)

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  • Publisher: Full Blast Productions
  • by John Kooistra & Alison Kooistra
  • ISBN 1895451-41-8
  • 115 Pages
  • Intermediate to Advanced Grade 5 to Adult

    The Power Slam Grammar Book addresses the needs of senior grade school ESL students (age 11 and higher). Every lesson in this ESL textbook begins with the premise that, contrary to prevailing prejudices, grammar instruction can be the most profitable, pleasurable and exciting ESL class in a student's day. This makes teaching ESL more rewarding too!

    The Power Slam Grammar Book is fun and many of the lessons in this ESL book are in the form of games, and the practice sentences reflect everybody's interest in movies, computers, video games, dating, sports, etcetera. The Power Slam Grammar Book is practical--the exercises focus on students' primary needs: error correction of their writing and speech, and expansion of their range of expression, without requiring the memorizing of grammar terminology. Finally, this ESL book is an excellent, high-energy complement to instructional material for the analysis of literature and popular media.