The Magic of Drama (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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  • Publisher: Full Blast Productions
  • by Alexis Gerard Finger
  • ISBN 1895451-34-5
  • 240 Pages
  • Intermediate and Advanced High School to Adult

    The Magic of Drama is a complete drama course in one book. The Magic of Drama is a reproducible integrated oral skills ESL textbook. These ESL materials are intended to be used by high school and college ESL students at the high intermediate to advanced levels. As a main or supplementary text, it can be used in a variety of ESL classes, including: speaking and listening; oral communication skills for international teaching assistants; public speaking, drama; film or literature; teaching ESL in any class in which drama, film,or literature is used as a medium for learning.

    The Magic of Drama uses movies, plays, songs, news, short stories, poetry, proverbs, props and pictures as resources for: activities, discussions, debates, interviews, impromptu speaking, improvisations, original dramas, video-taped performances, skills, fluency, thinking on your feet, clear pronunciation, vocabulary development, listening comprehension, grammatical accuracy and making presentations.

    The Magic of Drama also includes a supplement which provides activities for a selection of plays and movies.The supplement includes activities for these plays, which have also been made into movies: The Heiress, The Best Man, Harvey, Inherit The Wind, Liliom/Carousel, Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story. The supplement also includes activities for these movies: Parenthood, 1776, South Pacific, Field of Dreams, Stanley and Iris and Mr. Holland¹s Opus.

    After engaging in the activities in this text, ESL students are more confident and successful communicators who look forward to the next opportunity to converse, present and perform.