The Life and Times of Lillian (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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The Life and Times of Lillian

ISBN 0-9681126-0-9

Fran Marshall

80 pages

Intermediate to Advanced   Grade 7 to Adult

eBook Price: $19.95


Fran Marshall presents the poignant story of the struggles and triumphs in her mother’s life. Lillian is one of several children born to Austrian immigrants living in New York City in the early 1900s. When tragedy strikes the family, Lillian’s father takes his seven children to Canada and abandons them in an orphanage.

Follow Lillian’s life through sixteen suspense-filled episodes. Learners identify with Lillian’s strong spirit and her triumph over adversity. Her heroic story echoes their own struggles to settle in a new country and gives them hope for the future.

Very little teacher preparation is required because each of the sixteen units in The Life and Times of Lillian is a complete four-page lesson that comprises an introductory discussion, vocabulary study, an episode, comprehension and inference questions and related grammar and writing exercises.

Review pages, discussion topics, multiple choice questions and an epilogue of love with pictures are included at the end of The Life and Times of Lillian.


Documented comments from ESL teachers:

‘Lillian’s story resulted in more spontaneous discussion and writing than any reader I have used.’


‘Attendance was perfect on the days the class knew we were studying one of Lillian’s episodes.’


‘A moving story, filled with suspense – a genuine gold mine for all ESL teachers and students.’


The lesson units worked perfectly because of the high interest level, the vocabulary usage, the excellent variety of multiskill exercises.’


‘Hurrah for Lillian! Everyone applauded her indomitable spirit. Thank you, Fran, for sharing this remarkable story with us.’


‘My class loved the happy ending, but they really wanted more information about Lillian’s siblings. Will you write another book?’