The Latin Heart of English (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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The Latin Heart of English: English language practice of words of Latin origin - Volume 1

Liondale Publications

Marc Loewenthal

139 pages

Grades 7 to Adult    Intermediate to Advanced

eBook Price: $15.95



This book is the first in a new series called The Latin Heart of English. These practice and reference books will focus on the rich vocabulary which English has inherited from Latin over the last one thousand five hundred years or more, and the evolution of these words in form and meaning to the present day. In each book, derivations are grouped under their individual Latin roots to demonstrate the similarities, variety and importance of the words derived from each root.


The vocabulary practice books are aimed at learners of English at intermediate level and above. Each vocabulary activity is designed to present and practice words derived from the same Latin root, both to enable learners to see the similarities and differences between the forms and meanings of related words, and to encourage in them a desire to learn more about the rich history of borrowing from Latin and French into English. While speakers of Romance languages will most closely relate to the content, it is expected that the exercises will benefit speakers of other languages and also create in them a desire to learn more about the history of the English language.