The International Holiday Book 1 (Gr: 5 to A)

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  • Publisher: Full Blast Productions
  • by Ian Zimmerman
  • ISBN 1895451-24-8
  • 156 Pages
  • Intermediate Grade 5 to Adult
  • Available as an eBook:YES

    The International Holiday & Festival Primer is a two book series of reproducible low level reading and discussion ESL textbooks.

    These ESL materials are designed to help teach ESL students about holy days and cultural festivals celebrated on this planet. These books are a very good tool to help promote cultural awareness and cultural understanding to your ESL class. 17 important holy days, at least one from each major religion, are explained. The rest of the essays are about cultural festivals, worldwide observances, national holidays, regional holidays and more.

    Topics in Book One:

  • International Women´s Day
  • Feast of Ridvan (Baha´i)
  • Polish Solidarity Day (Poland)
  • Mozart Festival (Austria)
  • Ramadan (Muslim)
  • Qing Ming Festival (China)
  • Black History Month (Canada/U.S.A.)
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (various countries)
  • Festival of Lights (Hindu)
  • Fiesta Patrias (Mexico)
  • Easter (Christian)
  • Oktoberfest (Germany)
  • Earth Day
  • Teacher´s Day (Confucian)
  • Kartini Day (Indonesia)
  • Kupalo Festival (Ukraine)
  • Zulu Festival (South Africa)
  • Songkran (Buddhist)
  • Native American Day (U.S.A.)
  • Yom Kippur (Jewish)
  • Rizal Day (Phillipines)
  • International Day of Peace
  • Carnival (Brazil)
  • Khordad (Zoroastrian)
  • Chinese New Year (various countries)