The Early Bird Special (Gr: 7 to A)

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The Early Bird Special

Fran Marshall

34 pages

Intermediate to Advanced ESL Grades 7 to Adult

Price: $11.95


Do some members of your class straggle in five or ten minutes late?

Do some learners visit with each other in their first language as they wait for the class to start?

Do you hear many of the same errors repeated?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, ‘The Early Bird Special’ teacher manual is for you!

Our challenge is to offer a stimulating variety of practical grammar-based review activities that will encourage the self-directed capabilities of mature learners. The optimum time to implement review is during the first segment of each session. The simple instructions are on the board before the class starts. The first people to arrive will work at the board and later ones at their seats.

The advantages are numerous. Individuals can begin to think and work in English as soon as they arrive instead of waiting for the class to begin. Interest level is high because of variation in activities. A significant amount of learning takes place as difficulties are clarified. Very little teacher preparation is needed. You simply decide which opener you will use and have the necessary information on the board.

Tell the class that this will be the format. They will work for about fifteen to twenty minutes, as the teacher interacts, gives assistance, facilitates the review process. The next fifteen to twenty minutes are spent taking up the activity. The activities can be varied daily. It will be time well spent and the positive results will be evident.


Documented comments from teachers:

‘My students love the activities – they don’t let me miss a day without an opener.’

I have seen very positive results in my students’ speaking and writing since I started using ‘The Early Bird Special.’

‘The book is a treasure chest of ideas. I start my class with an opener every day.’

‘There is no more lateness – the students come early – sometimes too early.’

‘They love the variety – and they are amazed at the improvement in their English.’

‘I find this manual to be a great combination of review exercises that are challenging and fun for my students.’

‘I had no idea that my class needed so much review – and that grammar could be fun!’