Ten MORE Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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Ten MORE Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom
Gary Carkin
Grades: 7 to Adult
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The two books of plays, Ten Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom and Ten MORE Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom have received considerable acclaim. Used in classrooms around the world, they serve as cultural readers, means to increase vocabulary in a way that is remembered, guides to support pronunciation practice, or scripts for full-blown production. However used, they are effective.


Each book includes:


  For the student:


  • Short humorous plays related to a culture issue that can easily be read and discussed within class time
  • Cultural notes for discussion
  • Comprehension questions
  • Vocabulary/expressions/idioms
  • Follow up activities for writing and improvisation


  For the teacher:


  • Explicit directions for getting the most out of play reading for language learning
  • Guidance on selecting plays, rehearsing, and performing
  • A step by step approach to rehearsals
  • Instruction on how to integrate PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE with the play reading and/or rehearsal process


“These scripts are exactly what language teachers need as they are short, easy to read, and fun.”  Julie O’Sullivan, author with Ann F. Burke of Stage by Stage. “Wonderful!”


"Just a note to say I used the Carkin book  (Ten Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom) at the high school level with some intermediate students who clamored for more! It is just great!"

Barbara Elias - TESOL-Drama Group


"I wanted to let you know how great your two publications are for teaching theater. I used both of them last semester and my students could not get enough!”

Sylvie Huneault-Schultze

Fresno State College