Teach Language with Fun and Games (ebook Gr: 3 to A)

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Teach Language with Fun and Games (+ Bonus 20 Winner Lessons)
Ian Hewitt
115 pages
Grades: 3 to Adult
eBook Price: $12.95

Edutainment : How to Teach Language With Fun & Games is a 92 page ebook. It is packed with fun & entertaining lessons which can be used with a variety of levels. These are all tried and tested lessons. The book is full of old favorites (which you may have forgotten or never known about), as well as original creations.This book is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well as the faces of your students. You can walk out of the classroom thinking you love your job & you're a great teacher.You can just slap this book under the photocopier & away you go! Ideal for busy teachers and new teachers. A must for your collection.