Storybook Art (ebook K to 2)

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Storybook Art
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
47 pages
Grades: K to 2
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"Every picture tells a story - if it don't - it ain't." -- Walter Richard Sickert

The above quotation could very well be interpreted as a guideline to illustrators creating pictures for a storybook - the concept of non-verbal communication through pictures.

Experiencing art through storybooks gives the child the opportunity to discover various mediums and art styles.

Experiencing art through storybooks makes the child realize the illustrator as an important, functional part of the bookmaking process.

Illustrating can be seen as a career i.e. a money making opportunity. Illustrators are recognized as individuals. Most school children already know and recognize the delightful artwork of Michael Martchenko and the brilliant colours use by Brian Wildsmith.

Obtain information about the lives of illustrators, whenever possible. Children love to hear stories about what motivates these creative people.

One of the most important concepts your students will discover (if not the most important)is that art is an expression.

Children are often far too critical of their own work. As they reach the age of eight or nine, they often fight to achieve realism in their art. Studying the illustrations of Leo Lionni or Jose Aruego makes the child realize that interpretation is more significant than realism. Look at "Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse." Alexander is a far cry from a real looking mouse. He is an interpretation - an expression. Children must feel free to use the medium(s) in any way they feel comfortable, providing that respect for the art tools used is maintained. Help the child understand that he/she need only please himself/herself in what is created during art class.

Storybook Art is a title that I have given to my art class with children, ages 6-9. Storybook Art stems from my love of illustration and my love of children's books.