Stereos and Stuff (ebook Gr: 6 to A)

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Stereos And Stuff
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
32 pages
Grades: 6 to Adult
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In this unit, students discover the workings of Hi-Fidelity stereo equipment such as Turntables (Record Players), Cassette Players, and Compact Discs. Students also look at the workings of AM and FM radio. Innovative assignments stress creative and critical thinking with many possibilities for drama in this unit. A major project concludes the unit with students writing fifteen-minute radio scripts.


  1. Personal Home Stereo Design - Students design their own personal stereo system complete with any extra luxuries they wish to add.
  2. Crossword - Students learn about music equipment used by modern rock bands.
  3. Custom Electric Guitar - Students design, customize and paint an electric guitar . Graphic colors should be used.
  4. Radio Station Logo - Students design, draw and color the logo for an imaginary radio station.
  5. Radio Play - (Major Project) In pairs, students write a script for 15 minutes of radio time. News, weather, sports, songs, commercials and D.J. talk should all be included. Students should try to proportion the time spent on each portion based on a real radio broadcast.
  6. Exam - Sample exam included.