Sound and Hearing (ebook Gr: 4 to A)

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Sound and Hearing
Publisisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
51 pages
Grades: 4 to Adult
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In this fabulous unit, students learn everything they need to know about sound -and more! This highy practical and simple-to-use unit is broken into three parts. In "Part I - Core Teaching Lessons", students participate in meaningful activities associated with the core theme of each lesson, which are followed by related overhead notes. This section helps to convey the key concepts and learning outcomes, giving "structure" to the unit. "Part II - Optional Lessons" provides extra activities that teachers may wish to use for homework assignments, review or enrichment. "Part III - Overhead Notes", provides the information base for the unit and makes expensive textbooks completely unnecessary. Together, these three parts help to stress "process" in a fun filled way that is sure to keep students interested, learning and motivated. This unit is so "sound" that students will love it!


  1. What is Sound? - Sound Wordsearch
  2. How Is Sound Made? - Do You Hear What I Hear???
  3. How Sound Travels - Telephone Time
  4. The Speed Of Sound - How Quick Is Your Pulse?
  5. High Sounds/Low Sounds - Make An Instrument
  6. Loud Sounds/Soft Sounds - It's Too Loud! -Worksheet
  7. Reflection Of Sound - Mosquito Munch
  8. Uses Of Sound - Sound Pictograrns
  9. The Human Ear And Hearing - You Could Hear A Pin Drop/Tin Can Eardrum/Bat Races
  10. The Human Voice And Speech - Sound Crossword -Review


  1. Drum Race
  2. Matching Review
  3. Homer Simpson's Vocal Range - Doh!
  4. Bell In A Vacuum Jar
  5. Glass-To-The-Wall Spy
  6. Paper "Ear Trumpets"
  7. Build An Instrument
  8. The Ultimate Sound System
  9. Musician In The Class
  10. Class Musicians
  11. Magic School Bus - "Going Batty"
  12. Recorded Reading Aloud
  13. How Far Away Is The Storm?
  14. Hand Signal Alphabet


Basic information and concepts are conveyed using student notes. These notes can be put onto overhead transparencies, photocopied for the students, or simply written on the board for students to copy into their notebooks.