Shapes (ebook Gr: PK to 3)

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Smart As A Fox
Dwayne Kohn
Beginners Grades PK to 3
eBook Price: $4.95

Your students will create "flip booklets" that will allow them to identify all kinds of shapes, including 3-D solids! Each mini-booklet is on a single piece of paper for ease of use! The students color in the delightful pictures, cut them out and place them together to create a booklet in which the pictured item in the sentence is "flipped" up to create a new sentence each time.

For example, for the "Triangle" book (see example below) the students read "The pizza is a triangle." They flip up the picture of the slice of pizza to reveal a picture of a slice of pie. They then read "The pie is a triangle." This continues with HangerSail and Saw to give them five everyday objects that are the same shape.

There are booklets for the following shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond (rhombus), spiral, cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism and dome.

This book also includes a blank reproducible booklet pattern which allows the teacher and students to create their own flip books for any shape at all. Two additional flip books are also included which feature a review of the major shapes.