Saskatchewan's 100th Birthday 2005 (ebook Gr: 1 to 3)

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Saskatchewan's 100th Birthday 2005 (ebook)
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
80 Pages
Grades: 1 to 3
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September 1, 2005 is the 100th anniversary of Saskatchewan. It's time for children of all ages to celebrate Saskatchewan!  In this unit you will find black line masters for poems, songs, rebus chants, activity sheets, student bookmaking, hands on centre activities, and a storyboard story. See the Bibliography and Resources to find Web sites for pictures of the Saskatchewan flag and other provincial emblems and to find a list of great storybooks by Saskatchewan authors.

The activities and storyboard story are easy to put together with the help of a photocopier and coloured cardstock.


  1. Introduction 
  2. Never Pick a Prairie Lily - Poem 
  3. Prairie Lily Collage - Art Activity 
  4. Wonderful White Birch - Listening Activity 
  5. Mr. Sharp Tailed Grouse - Rebus Chant 
  6. Mr. Grouse Speaks - Creative Writing Activity 
  7. A Birthday Cake for Saskatchewan - Rebus Chant 
  8. I'm Happy I'm Here - Poetry 
  9. Millions of Gopher Holes - Poetry 
  10. I'm Happy I'm Here - Student Bookmaking 
  11. What Can You Do In Saskatchewan? - Song 
  12. What Can You Do In Saskatchewan? - Creative Writing 
  13. Give Me an S! - Chant or Saskatchewan Cheer 
  14. Hands On Saskatchewan 
  15. Sticker Sheets 
  16. Name Tags 
  17. Saskatchewan Has Wheat 
  18. Saskatchewan Has Trees 
  19. Saskatchewan Has Trains 
  20. Saskatchewan Has Praire Lilies 
  21. Saskatchewan Has Gophers 
  22. Saskatchewan is a Cree Name 
  23. Saskatchewan Has Fish 
  24. Saskatchewan Has Lakes 
  25. Saskatchewan Has Sharp-tailed Grouse 
  26. There's No Place Like Home 
  27. Saskatchewan Has Tractors 
  28. The Welcome Basket - Storyboard Story 
  29. More Ideas 
  30. Bibliography and Resources 
  31. Children's Books by Saskatchewan Authors 

Have fun exploring and learning about this beautiful province. It's time to celebrate Saskatchewan!