Saskatchewan Reserve Community (ebook Gr: 1 to 3)

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Saskatchewan Reserve Community
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
41 pages
Grades: 1 to 3
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A boy named Cody tells us about his reserve community, his family, his Chief and his school. Includes Cody's Community, Big Book and Little Book patterns.

Task Cards

Included are task card activities. They are:
- designed for independent learning at Centre Time.
- displayed at a Learning Centre or a bulletin board.
- mostly open-ended activities.
- directed towards the Common Essential Learnings.
- to be answered in each student's Centre Book.
- to work in conjunction with other community materials used by the teacher.


These materials are a great way to get inside the life of someone living and growing up in a reserve community.

The nucleus of this unit is a story, Cody's Community. The story includes the concepts of identity, location, tradition, responsibility, transportation, occupation, community services and political structure.

Unit Objectives

Students will understand that:

  1. Other communities differ from our own.
  2. A reserve is a community of First Nation's families.
  3. A reserve provides services to its residents.
  4. A reserve has a political structure.
  5. Maps provide us with the location of Saskatchewan's reserves.
  6. Reserves have a history.
  7. Elders can tell us about the history of our community.
  8. Elders are the knowledge and wisdom of an Indian community.
  9. Each reserve community has its own language and traditions.