Royal Canadian Mounted Police (ebook Gr: 4 to 6)

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police (ebook)
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
55 pages
Grades 4 to 6
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The true history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police comes to life in this factual unit about Canada's legendary police force. Students follow the force from its infancy in the Canadian West through the growing pains of the Yukon goldrush to the present day. The unit is divided into three parts combining optional lessons and a pictoral history with the main body of the unit. Finally there is a unit that will allow students to understand the real story behind Canada's men and women of the red serge!

Part I - The History Of The R.C.M.P.

Part I is a structured, knowledge-based section focusing on important events in the history of the Canadian West and the role of the R.C.M.P. in these events. Students write down a series of notes and complete related assignments designed to help the information sink in.

Lesson topics and activities are:

  • Setting The Stage - Canada And The Northwest In 1973 (Map Activity)
  • Whiskey Traders And Fort Whoop-Up - Ghost Horse of the Mounties (Story)
  • Indian Treaties - The Great Souix Compromise (Reading and Questions Activity)
  • Northwest Rebellion - Bill of Rights
  • Yukon Gold - Groceries For A Year
  • True North - The Lost Patrol Diary
  • National Police Force - Newspaper Article
  • The R.C.M.P. Today - R.C.M.P. Crossword (Review)

Part II - Optional Lessons

  1. R.C.M.P. Wordsearch,
  2. Getting Into The R.C.M.P. - Letter Writing,
  3. Uniforms Through The Ages - Coloring Activity,
  4. R.C.M.P. Crime Detective - Logic Puzzle,
  5. Timeline,
  6. Officer In The Class,
  7. Going To The Dogs - Canine Demonstration,
  8. R.C.M.P. Web Sites
  9. "Due South" Critic,
  10. Literature

Part III - R.C.M.P. Pictoral History

Important moments in the history of the force are depicted. The eight diagrams are:

  1. "R.C.M.P. Cover",
  2. "The Trek To Fort Whoop-Up",
  3. "Indian Treaties (1874-1884)",
  4. "Northwest Rebellion (1885)",
  5. "Chilkoot Pass, Yukon (1897)",
  6. "Lost Patrol (1910)"
  7. "Mad Trapper Of Rat River (1932)"
  8. "Canada's Police Force"