Rock Talk and the Vowel Sounds (Gr: 7 to A)

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Rock Talk and the Vowel Sounds
Jenny Redding
Intermediate to Advanced  Grade 7 to Adul
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Loosen your lips and move your hips to this sensational new breakthrough in language acquisition! Using pop/rock hits from the past 20 years, this imaginative and entertaining program implants melodies and words into students’ brains, strengthening their unconscious assimilation of English intonation, rhythm, and grammatical structures.

From “Every Breath You Take” to “Help Me Rhonda” and the “Do Wah Dittie,” songs are the captivating center of these 10 vowel-focused lessons! Each lesson is divided into 7 groovy exercises, with hilarious titles like “Hammer the Grammar,” “What Does It Mean, Jelly Bean?” and “Hunky Dory—Finish the Story.” This is the ultimate musical language experience—sure to top the charts!