Rock Talk and the Consonant Blends (Gr: 7 to A)

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Rock Talk and the Consonant Blends
Jenny Redding
Intermediate to Advanced  Grades 7 to Adult

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Hitting the top of the billboard once again, this musical, entertaining book has students craving consonants! It is formatted like the original Rock Talk book, only with a focus on phonemes involving various consonant combinations.

The 10 chapters focus on the “sh” versus “ch” sound, the “s” consonant, the stops (“p,” “t,” “k,” “b,” “d,” and “g”), voiced and unvoiced “th,” the “z” sound, “s-clusters” (“sh,” “sp,” “sn,” “spl” and “spr”), short and long “oo,” diphthongs, and more. Tongue Twisters are a fun addition to this book as well! Whether it’s the “I Love ESL” version of “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” or the real “Twist and Shout,” this is a whole to way to “rock the talk.”