Rock Band Simulation (ebook Gr: 5 to A)

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Rock Band Simulation
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
26 pages
Grades: 5 to Adult
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In this unit, students will simulate the creation of their own rock band. As well as creating the individual members of the band students will assume the roles of:

  1. Marketing Director - responsible for advertising and promotions
  2. Newspaper Reporter - writes a review of a rock concert
  3. Accountant - in charge of monetary affairs of band

This unit places an emphasis on communication skills (group work) and creative and critical thinking. Specifically this unit is intended to promote both intuitive and imaginative thought.


  1. Logo - Choose band name and design band logo.
  2. Biographies - Draw a 5 cm x 5 cm picture and write a description of each band member.
  3. Tour Poster or Tape Case Design - Design a full colour poster advertising the latest tour or create a tape case design.
  4. Newspaper Review- Write a review of a recent rock concert for a local newspaper.
  5. Accountant - Estimate and calculate expenses of holding a rock concert.


Rock Bands