Red Rover, The Big Rainbow Eating Dog (ebook Gr: K to 2)

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Red Rover, The Big Rainbow Eating Dog
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
49 pages
Grades: K to 2
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Red Rover's see-through tummy reveals what he eats. Students complete the story with their cut-out drawings of rainbow fruits and vegetables. Interactive chants, hands-on centered listening activities and family homework.

Interactive Storyboard Story, Colour Activities and Rebus Chants

Contents Include:

  • Red Rover the Big Rainbow Eating Dog, Storyboard
  • Red Rover Eats a Rainbow, Family Homework
  • An Artist's Palette, Listening Activity
  • Colour Trees and Leaves, Hands On Centre Activity
  • Crayons in a Box, Hands On Centre Activity
  • Butterfly Wings, Hands on Centre Activity
  • Yummy Ice-Cream Cones, Hands On Centre Activity
  • Rainbow Rhyme, Interactive Chant
  • Colour Chants, Rebus Chants
  • Rainbow Sandpaper Prints, Art Activity