Readings on Everyday Life in Canada (Gr 7 to A)

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Each Week for a Year -- Readings for ESL Students on Everyday Life in Canada
Publisher: Manna
Jane Wangersky
112 Pages
Intermediate Level    Grades: 7 to Adult
eBook Price: $25.00

What is your adult ESL class reading tomorrow -- and next week, and the week after that? No matter how many ways you've learned to save prep time and effort, you can't cut corners on reading texts. With this book, you don't have to. No matter what time of year it is, or what you're teaching, you'll find a relevant two- to three-page reading full of solid basic knowledge. Plan your lessons around them or use them to supplement your other materials -- each week for a year. The readings are an average 200 words' length and cover subjects that are common knowledge to those of us raised in North America, but that your students may not know -- and may be too embarrassed to ask about. Holidays, school, tipping, urban myths, movie ratings, even annoyances like poison ivy and get-rich-quick scams -- they're all explained here. Written by an experienced ESL teacher. Fully illustrated, suitable for adults and young adults at intermediate or higher levels. Reproducible -- download it and print what you need today.