Preschool Prehistorics (ebook PK to 1)

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Preschool Prehistorics
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
67 pages
Grades: PK to 1
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A 68 page resource book just for preschool-aged children, Preschool Prehistorics includes hands on songs, and dinosaur patterns. Includes feltboard patterns for Goldirocks and the Three Dinosaurs.

Contents Include:

  1. Dinosaur Illustrations
  2. Mega Puzzles
  3. Dinosaur Footprints
  4. I am a Dinosaur -- Big Book
  5. Which One is Different - Visual Discrimination Activity
  6. What's Wrong Here?
  7. Goldirocks and the Three Dinosaurs Flannelboard Story
  8. Sandbox Dinosaur Landscape
  9. Fossil Making
  10. Dinosaur Songs
  11. Preschool Prehistoric Certificate


Prehistorics Preschool teacher resources