Polar Bears (ebook Gr: 1 to 3)

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Polar Bears
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
84 pages
Grades: 1 to 3
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Polar Bears is a two week language arts unit intended for use with Grade One/Two children who have developed some independant reading and writing skills. It can be used to further strengthen the children's reading and writing skills. Throughout this unit, children are involved in activities that focus their attention on language and how it is used. They brainstorm, study words, alphabetize, rhyme, use descriptive words, categorize words, read, answer questions in complete sentences, and complete writing activities. They are encouraged to use their knowledge of reading strategies to help them read the polar bear fact cards.

A display of books about polar bears should be set up in the classroom. The books motivate the children and encourage them to read for enjoyment and for information. Children read these books in their spare time and during silent reading.

This four part unit includes:


Lesson Plans contains, easy-to-follow lesson plans that describe the different teaching strategies for using the activities in each day's lesson. Each lesson includes a spelling activity, a brainstorming activity, a study of new words, work in the student booklet, a writing activity, work at the learning center and a parent page.


Includes a student booklet that is ready to be photocopied for student use. Every page includes questions about one of the polar bear fact cards that children read in class. The children are encouraged to answer the questions in their booklets using complete sentences.


Includes ten parent (homework) pages which the children may take home to help reinforce what the children learn.  Activities are easy and short,  taking 5 to 10 minutes - perfect for homework.


Includes group word cards, individual word cards, learning center checklist and activities, three levels of spelling words, unit quiz and evaluation, crossword and wordsearch. The Polar Bears Trivia Game reinforces the facts that the children study each day.