Plants (ebook Gr: 1, 2)

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Plant Power
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
61 pages
Grades: 1, 2
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Students get a chance to try out their "green thumbs" as they explore plants. Student notes suitable for an overhead projector explain much of the knowledge-based information contained in the unit. "Plant Discovery Worksheets" combine easy-to-do student experiments and related questions to help "cement in" concepts with "concrete" activities. Optional activities are left up to the discretion of each teacher and provide flexibility as well as enrichment. The world of plants comes alive with this practical teaching package.


  1. Introductory Lesson- Plants Wordsearch
  2. Seeds - Looking At Seeds - Discovery Worksheet
  3. Roots - Rooting For Roots - Discovery Worksheet
  4. Stems - Carnation Sensation - Discovery Worksheet
  5. Leaves - Leaves At Work - Discovery Worksheet
  6. Flowers - Flower Power - Discovery Worksheet
  7. To Grow, - A Plant Needs Plants Crossword
  8. Life Cycle Of A Plant - Life Cycle Of A Dandelion
  9. Uses of Plants - Word Web


  1. Plants Review
  2. Tree Planting
  3. Light the Way (A plant grows in a maze to find light)
  4. Blocking Air (Air is needed for plant growth)
  5. Just Add Water (Water is needed for plant growth)
  6. Sweetened Leaves (Nutrients are needed for plant growth)
  7. Growing Season (The effect of warmth on seed growth)
  8. Flower Garden
  9. Yam Jungle
  10. Plant Pictograms
  11. Trees of North America
  12. Patchwork Leaves


Plants - ScienceThe Discovery Worksheets help to motivate students by providing hands-on experiments pertinent to the major concepts taught in this unit. Each activity uses readily available materials and follows a "Purpose, Materials, Procedure, Conclusions and Questions" format. The worksheets combine hands-on activities with written questions to make learning relevant, yet enjoyable, at the same time.