Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (ebook Gr: 1, 2)

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Transportation: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
78 pages
Grades: 1, 2
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Planes Trains And Automobiles!  Get going with this 2 week Social Studies/Language Arts unit all about getting around.  The unit presents Scooters, Wagons, Bicycles, Automobiles, Trains, Busses, Boats, Roller Blades, Airplanes, and Pogo Sticks with a series of high-interest, low-vocabulary informational paragraphs.  Students complete various activities on each topic as they build their sight word vocabulary and learn to write in complete (but simple) sentences.  The four part unit includes:


Instructions to the teacher are given for each day and lesson outlining possible strategies for teaching each activity in the unit.  Each lesson includes a brainstorming activity, a study of new sight words, a spelling activity, work in the activity, book work in the writing book and playing the match game.


The first photocopyable booklet is the "Transportation Activity Book" which contains a short photograph about each topic and a variety of related, fun language activities such as comprehension questions, opposites, ABC order, and rhyming words, to name a few.  The second booklet "Transportation Writing Book" gives students an opportunity to put some of their own thoughts on paper and to do some writing (either individually or as a class) and provides space for students to improve early writing skills and draw a related picture.


Also know as homework!  A collection of ten "parent" pages that children take home to reinforce what the child learns each day.  Each activity only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.  Skills include ABC order, phonics ("oo" sound, short "a", soft "c", "au" sound, short "u", long "a") activities, and fill-in-the-blanks comprehension questions.


Transportation Group Word Cards, Transportation Individual Word Cards, Spelling Lists, Word Reinforcement Puzzles, Match Game, Evaluation and more.

Integrating our Social Studies and Language Arts has never been so much fun for teachers!  Things that move and are likely to cause scrapes and bruises are an instant hit with kids!