Owls (ebook Gr: 2 to 5)

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Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
101 pages
Grades: 2 to 5
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Owls will provide you with resources to supplement a theme study of owls.

This unit is divided into 10 areas of study:

  1. Characteristics of a Owl
  2. Habitat
  3. Owls Love the Night Life
  4. Owl Babies
  5. Food for owls
  6. Night Friends and Owl Enemies
  7. Different Kinds of Owls
  8. Endangered Owls
  9. Owls in Literature
  10. Owls in Visual Art

Resources included are:

  1. Owl Information - Who Gives a Hoot?
  2. 19 Task Cards for Independent Learning - direct student learning from a learning centre.
  3. Student Record Sheet - a chart for each student to record and evaluate each activity completed.
  4. Journal Word Cards - to increase student vocabulary and to assist in student writing.
  5. Owl Quiz - to test owl knowledge.
  6. Creative Writing Page - for additional student writing.

OwlsUnit Objectives

  1. Students will increase "owl" knowledge.
  2. Students will increase awareness of our environment.
  3. Students will work independently: individually, in pairs, or in groups
  4. Students will follow instructions.
  5. Students will paricipate in a variety of activities that reinforce learning skills and objectives.