Optical Illusions and Loco Logos (ebook Gr: 6 to A)

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Optical Illusions And Loco Logos
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
46 pages
Grades: 6 to Adult
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Double your buying power with this two unit set! In the first unit, students explore the fascinating world of logos - in sports, on flags, on the food that gives them skin trouble. The second unit investigates the intriguing subject of optical illusions. Crazy mazes and eyecurdling geometrical designs place an emphasis on proportioning as well as critical thinking skills. A must for middle years!


  • Detailed Student Objectives and Activities
  • Suggested Teaching Strategies
  • Design Templates
  • Countdown to Excellence Marking Format
  • Student Task Sheets
  • The Famous Richard Robillard Maze
  • Student Examples