Opposites (ebook Gr: PK to 3)

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Smart As A Fox
Dwayne Kohn
Beginners Grades PK to 3
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Your students will create double-sided "flip booklets" that feature antonyms. On one day they may make a booklet for "happy." The next day they make the "sad" booklet. They glue these two booklets back-to-back to create a two-sided booklet featuring "opposites."

For example, for the "happy" booklet the students read "The boy is happy." They then flip up the picture of the boy  to reveal a picture of a man. They then read "The man is happy." This continues with Cat, Dog and Bear to give them five trackable sentences that differ only in one word. The "sad" book, which they glue to the back of the "happy" book, features the same sentence pattern: "The boy is sad. The man is sad." etc.

There are reproducible Flip Book patterns for the following antonyms: happy/sad, full/empty, clean/dirty, heavy/light, hot/cold, big/little, fast/slow, and wet/dry. This CD-ROM also includes a reproducible blank booklet which allows the teacher and students to create additional antonym booklets.