Nutrition: Food and Healthy Eating (ebook Gr: 4 to A)

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Nutrition: Food and Healthy Eating
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
81 pages
Grades: 4 to Adult
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This unit on nutrition will give students an understanding of how nutrition is an important part of our daily lives. "We Are What We Eat" will be the major theme throughout this unit. The lessons will delve into the basic food groups, the nutritional value of the foods we eat, how our bodies digest and use food, the importance of water and fiber in our diet, food labels, food preparation, food allergies, and food safety. Within each lesson there are lesson plans, notes, questions, experiments, worksheets, and other fun activities to reinforce this nutrition unit.


  1. Nutrition and Diet
  2. Digestion
  3. Basic Food Groups
  4. The Nutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats
  5. The Nutrients:Vitamins, Minerals, and Water
  6. Proper Cooking of Food
  7. Required Servings From Each Food Group
  8. How Food Energy is Measured
  9. Fiber in Our Diet
  10. Food Safety, Food Labels, Preservatives, Allergies

Part II: Optional Activities

Some lessons have a variety of activities for the extension of the lesson. You may choose to do one or all of the activities suggested with your class.

Part III: Student Notes

Student notes have been provided to go along with each of the nutrition lessons. The notes can be used on an overhead, photocopied, or written on the board. The notes provide information that reinforces the basic concepts presented in each of the lessons. The notes also aid in the completion of writtien questions.

Part IV: Glossary/Vocabulary Match Activity

Part V: Questions For Lessons Crossword and Word Search

Part VI: Quiz on Unit and Answer Key


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