Nothing But Mice (ebook Gr: K, 1)

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Nothing But Mice!
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
102 pages
Grades: K,1
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Hands on, storytelling, big book, rebus chants, puppet patterns and more!

A great supplement to a mouse theme!

Nothing But Mice is divided into 6 sections.

  1. Visuals contains clip art and organizational materials for the classroom.
  2. All Kinds of Mice explores the different kinds of mice, where they live. Activities lend to researching about mice.
  3. Attitudes Towards Mice makes students think about if mice are animals to be afraid of.
  4. Mice are Small invites students to compare the size of a mouse to objects and other animals.
  5. Traditional Mouse Tales introduces old folktales about mice.
  6. Mouse Art gives ideas for art activities.

Each section lists the:

  1. Included Resources, which are included in this unit. Most require some assembly.
  2. Additional Resources, which must be borrowed from the library or purchased from a book store.