New France (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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New France
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
66 pages
Grades: 7 to Adult
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Settlers from France contributed enormously to the development of North America, beginning with explorers such as Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain, and continuing for several long and eventful centuries.  From the beginning, the French of the New World comprised a minority - first to the Aboriginal peoples, and then to the English.  This unit examines the lives and history of the people of New France - their history, economy, society, and relations with the Aboriginal people and the British.


  1. Coming to the New World
  2. Life in New France (Part 1) 
  3. Life in New France (Part 2)
  4. The French and Aboriginal Peoples 
  5. French - English Relations
  6. Sainte-Marie Among the Huron 
  7. The Seven Years War 
  8. The Plains of Abraham 
  9. The Acadians 
  10. Treaty of Paris / Quebec Act 


  • Student Objectives, Expectatons and Activities
  • Suggested Teaching Strategies
  • Information Worksheets and Follow-up Activities
  • Research Activities
  • Art / Creative Writing Activities
  • Enrichment / Optional Activities 

A number of resources relevant to the topic of New France, such as historical novels and writings from this era, have been included in the Enrichment / Optional section.