Myths from Around the World (ebook Gr: 4 to A)

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Myths From Around The World
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
60 pages
Grades: 4 to Adult
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In this unit, students will be taken on an adventure through the world of mythology. They will discover many different types of myths and learn about the cultures which created them. Part I is an introduction to four types of myths: Greek, Roman, Norse, and North American Indian and is presented in a very structured format. Part II, "Major Project", allows the students to demonstrate further knowledge of myths by completing a series of activities. A contract-style format is used which allows students to feel a sense of responsibility and gain ownership over their work. The teacher acts only as a facilitator in this section. Part III consists of many optional lessons for the teacher to implement, if desired. These lessons allow the students to further thematic connections, identify practical applications, and to simply have fun. Part IV is a sampling of myths from the cultures included in this unit. Teachers may use them in conjunction with the unit and to supplement their own sources of myths. This mythology unit is going to take you and your students on an adventure through times and places that will make your imagination soar!

In this section, students learn about myths from four cultures. Teacher instruction followed by student assignments helps students to initially explore myths in a structured setting.

What is Mythology?

  1. "Pandora's Box" - Map
  2. Greek Mythology "In the Beginning" - Timeline Activity
  3. Roman Mythology "The Weaving Contest" - Table
  4. Norse Mythology "Odin's Quest for Wisdom" - Worksheet
  5. North American Indian Mythology "How Man Obtained Fire" - Persuasive Writing

This section of the unit is a group assignment. Student groups contract with the teacher to complete activities from the "Major Project List", totaling 50 points. This major project is quite timeconsuming.


  1. Corresponding Planets (Thematic Lesson)
  2. Corresponding Constellations (Thematic Lesson)
  3. Vocabulary (Practical Application)
  4. Myth Play
  5. Mythological Character Presentation
  6. Creative Writing Assignment
  7. Field Trip / Guest Speaker
  8. Professional Storyteller?li>
  9. Internet Myths
  10. Mythology Word Scramble

A collection of Greek, Roman, Norse, and North American Indian myths to supplement the lessons in this unit has been included.