My House, My Family and Me! (ebook Gr: K to 3)

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My House, My Family And Me! (+ Let's Be Friends Mini Unit)
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
52 pages (+ 23 pages)
Grades K to 3
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Based on the concept that a family is "who lives in your house." Includes patterns to make a big book, hands on activities plus rebus stories about different families and what they do. This resource geared toward the theme of the family is aimed at Kindergarten to Grade One and is 52 pages in length.

Contents Include:

  1. This is My Place
  2. Centre Book Pages
  3. House Pattern
  4. Visual Discrimination
  5. Gee, I would like
  6. Food for Families
  7. Favourite Family Recipes
  8. Who Makes a Family?
  9. Rebus Stories - Families Together

My House is a study of family life while teaching visual discrimination, different foods and recipes

  My House, My Family and Me! also includes:

Let's Be Friends Mini Unit

My House, My Family and Me! - Lesson Plans

This big book shows the similarities and differences between people. The story and songs included are about friendship and are written to the tunes of popular songs.

Included Are:

  1. The Friend Song
  2. We are Best Friends
  3. I'm Your Friend
  4. I Can Be A Good Friend
  5. Let's Be Friends Big Book

23 Pages of friendly fun!