My First 100 Words (ebook Gr: PK to 3)

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My First 100 Words
Smart As A Fox
Dwayne Kohn
Beginners Grades PK to 3
eBook Price: $4.95

Here is everything you need to teach the 100 most used words in the English language! Included are large size reproducible flash cards of all 100 words and an envelope in which to store them. You'll also find tiny size flash cards, a Bingo game using the same 100 words, a mini-book with all 100 words, a mini-writing book to practice new words, and a word-eating paper bag puppet! We also give you a check list, completion certificates and ribbons, and, of course, magic 100 glasses so that everyone can read all 100 words!

The 100 words covered in this unit are: I, a, at, up, an, if, in, is, it, on, we, so, do, no, of, my, as, be, by, or, he, to, go, can, him, out, see, how, its, the, now, may, his, did, had, but, for, get, day, and, not, you, all, her, has, who, use, was, are, she, one, look, like, more, them, then, will, each, time, than, down, made, make, just, very, long, with, this, your, into, some, many, said, were, what, when, been, over, only, find, they, from, have, most, come, call, know, could, which, their, these, about, there, other, would, after, where, little, words, first.