Musical Mania (ebook Gr: 6 to A)

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Musical Mania
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishinh
47 pages
Grades: 6 to Adult
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This integrated arts/ESL unit involves your students in an exciting hands on experience. As they learn the history and elements of a musical, they will, through drama, writing and designing, venture into the making of a musical. These seven activities as well as seven optional assignments give you enough ideas for a month or more of Arts Education classes.


  1. Notes and Exam - Students learn about the history of a musical, the elements in a musical and names of the most well known musicals to date.
  2. Song Analysis - Students listen to a musical selection and analyze it.
  3. Drama Mask Design- Students act in role as artistic designers and design a drama mask.
  4. Musical Movie Review - Students view a musical on video and write a movie review.
  5. Classified Ads - Students brainstorm jobs made available during the making of a musical and then design a Help Wanted page.
  6. Resume Writing (Drama) - Students act as citizens looking for employment in the making of a musical and then write a resume for their character .
  7. Job Interview (Drama) - Students, in groups of 4 or 5 improvise the interviews to be held for employment in a musical



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