Music Video FX (ebook Gr: 6 to A)

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Music Video FX
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
38 pages
Grades: 6 to Adult
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In this unit, students explore in detail the exciting advertising medium of videos. Students learn what components make effective videos as well as examine the techniques used in making videos. This unit places an emphasis on critical thinking and valuing skills.


  1. Effective Videos - Videos are viewed to determine the three components of effective videos.
  2. Heavy Metal Videos - Characteristics of Heavy Metal videos are examined.
  3. Stereotyping & Exploitation - These two current issues are investigated with students stating opinions and then giving reasons supporting their views.
  4. Video Techniques - A detailed study of the various techniques used to make videos.
  5. Review - Students prepare for an exam.
  6. Exam - In a two part format, a sample exam combines written questions with questions based on videos viewed by students.


  1. The worksheets for this unit have been designed to allow teachers to choose their own videos. The provides for flexibility but, selecting videos that demonstrate each concept required a great deal of effort. Teachers may want to record video selections and dub them onto a "master" tape for future use.
  2. Thus unit often requires that students state an opinion on a subject and the give reasons that support their views. Since a personal opinion must be respected, marking is based on how well students "back up" their particular viewpoints.
  3. Students are expected to give Answers In Full Senteces unless otherwise stated.
  4. This unit has notes suitable for use on an overhead. These overheads cover much of the knowledge based materials in the unit. By alternating worksheets and assignments with the notes, the teacher is able to keep the students motivated and interested.