Multicultural Canada (ebook Gr: 2, 3)

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Multicultural Canada
Publasher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
26 pages
Grades: 2, 3
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Story Summary:

A city consists of many communities of many cultures. After using these materials students will recognize that Canada's cities are multicultural.  There is alsonotice paid to the fact that First Nations People were in Canada long before European settlement.

Table of Contents:

List of Resources
Student Objectives
Multicultural Faces of A City
Making The Big Book
Story Patterns
Read The Story
Joseph of Ukraine
Preparing The Flannelboard
Telling The Story
Story and Flannelboard Patterns
Additional Reading

Student Skills and Objectives

  1. Students will realize that Canada is multicultural.
  2. Students will realize that some people who live in Canada came from other countries.
  3. Students will realize that people of the First Nations lived here long before us.
  4. Students will listen to a story.
  5. Students will participate in a class discussion.
  6. Students will locate different countries on a map or globe.