More or Less (ebook Gr: PK to 3)

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More or Less
Smart As A Fox
Dwayne Kohn
Beginners Grades PK to 3
eBook Price: $4.95

Your students will create easy-to-read "flip books" that will allow them to develop many new math skills! Each booklet is created from just two sheets of paper. The students color in the pictures and then cut out 4 small cards and staple them to the second large piece to create a booklet in which the cards are "flipped" up at random to create different number combinations each time.

For example, for the "fruit" booklet the students can compare "five orangesand "four apples" to see where there are more (oranges), or where there are fewer (apples), or how many in all (9), or how many more oranges are there than apples (1). They then flip up the oranges to reveal "seven plums." This continues with six bananas, three pears, and nine strawberries. As you can see, there are counting skills, addition, subtraction and higher level thinking involved with these booklets.

There are a variety of flip booklets in this book dealing with various themes (colors, farm animals, shapes, fruits, wild animals, and more) and different levels of numbers. A blank booklet is also enclosed allowing you to create a flip book on any theme and with any number combinations you wish.