Mental Illness (ebook Gr: 6 to A)

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Mental Illness
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
61 pages
Grades: 6 to Adult
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In this unit, students explore the challenging, often misunderstood medical field of mental illness. Students come to terms with difficult topics such as schizophrenia, depression, suicide and eating disorders. Part I - Just The Facts uses notes photocopied onto overhead transparencies to give students much of the knowledge-based material in the unit. Activities and worksheets included follow closely with the material in the notes. Part II - Test Construction encourages students to contemplate the concepts contained in the unit as they design their own exam. Part III - Optional Activities adds flexibility to the unit suggesting assignments that could be coordinated with the core lesson topics, used as enrichment or used at the end of the unit as culminating activities.


  1. What is Mental Illness? - Just The Facts (True False Quiz)
  2. Stigma and Myths - Letter to The Editor
  3. Depression and Depressive Illness - Depressive Illness Questionaire
  4. Suicide and Suicide Awareness
  5. Bipolar Illness (Manic Depressive Illness - The Bipolar Illness Rollercoaster
  6. Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia Worksheet (Questions)
  7. Alzheimer Disease - Mental Illness Wordsearch
  8. Eating Disorders: Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa - Is Barbie Evil? (Article)
  9. Anxiety / Panic Disorders - What Scares You Most? (Survery / Graphing Activity)
  10. Health Care Professionals / Facilities - Mental Illness Crossword Puzzle
  11. What You Can Do?


Teachers take a break while students, in pairs, make up their own exams. Information in the notes is reviewed and retained as students work through the test making process. An evaluation form has been included to help grade the student made exams.


  1. Drug Use and Mental Illness
  2. Matching Review
  3. Concept Web
  4. Brain Diagram
  5. Field Trip
  6. Suicide Awareness Workshop
  7. Video Resources
  8. Movie Review (Shattered Dreams)


Basic information and concepts are conveyed using student notes. These notes can be put onto overhead transparencies, photocopied for the students or simply written on the board for students to copy into their notebooks.


Evaluation has been left to the discretion of the teacher based on what activities are done and what concepts are stressed.


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