Liondale Grammar and Vocabulary Practice (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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The Liondale English Language Series Volume 1: Grammar and vocabulary practice for intermediate and advanced students

Liondale Publications

Marc Loewenthal

132 pages

Grades 7 to Adult  Intermediate to Advanced

eBook Price: $15.95



This book is the first in a series of books exploring aspects of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling which are often neglected by standard textbooks, grammar books and vocabulary practice books. Some exercises in the Grammar section look at familiar grammar, while others look at specific areas of grammar which the learner may not have noticed or considered before, but which need to be mastered for the learner to be a competent user of the language.


Apart from the Grammar section there are four others. The Vocabareas section looks at ways of practising and expanding vocabulary through collocation, affixation, categorisation and word formation. The Word Focus section practises in detail the meanings and usage of particular common words in phrases and common expressions. The Word Groups section practises literal and extended meanings of vocabulary based around a central theme. The Wordplays section practises skills, such as spelling and proofreading, through exercises which involve searching for words with a letter missing or with an extra letter. It also aims to increase vocabulary building through word puzzles and wordplays.


These exercises are intended both for classroom use and for self study, particularly to follow up grammar or vocabulary which has been presented and practised in the classroom. If you find these materials useful and enjoyable, we hope you will welcome the new volumes when they come out.


The Liondale Publications website has over ninety free materials for downloading and printing along with exercises which are completed online. It also has a password protected section with interactive exercises based on these materials, and the purchase of this book gives you an automatic subscription to these materials. The online materials have additional explanations and feedback on each of the exercises, so they can reinforce and consolidate what the students learn from doing the exercises in this book. To claim your subscription, look for our email address inside the ebook, email us, and you will receive a reply requesting some information from the book. Simply reply with the required information and you will receive an identity and password to access the interactive materials at any time you wish. The use of these materials is restricted to one user per subscription at any one time.