Light, Colour and the Eye (ebook Gr: 4 to A)

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Light, Colour and the Eye
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
53 pages
Grades: 4 to Adult
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In this illuminating science unit, students discover the exciting topic of light and the human eye. The unit employs student overhead notes to convey much of the knowledge-based material of the unit combined with exciting student activities which relate to the topic of each lesson. The two parts, "Light and Color" and "The Human Eye" can be taught separately or together.


  1. Light - Introduction - Students are introduced to the topic learning about luminous and illuminated objects then complete questions and a "Wordsearch".
  2. Properties of Light - Students learn about transparent, translucent and opaque objects and investigate light's property of travelling in straight lines with the activity "Building a Working Sundial".
  3. White Light and the Spectrum - Students use prisms to "break" white light into the colors of the rainbow (the spectrum) in the activity "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do".
  4. Reflection - Mirror Images - Students investigate mirror images in the hilarious activity "The Amazing Mirror Hockey Shootout".
  5. Reflection - Measuring Angles - Students study the law of reflection and compare incident and reflected rays by measuring in the experiment "Measuring Reflection".
  6. Refraction - Students examine refraction and the bending of light by making a Babyfood Jar Magnifying Glass. The worksheet is "Refraction and Bending Light".
  7. Color and Pigments - In this optional lesson, students learn the difficult concepts relating to color and complete the color absorbtion worksheet "Blinded By The Light".


  1. The Human Eye - Students learn about the parts of the human eye, experiment with pupil size and find their blind spot. The worksheets are "Pupil's Pupils", "Make Y our Homework Disappear" and "Crossword Puzzle".
  2. Optical Illusions - Students examine many classic optical illusions including the perplexing "Old Woman/Young Woman" illusion.