Let's Make a Big Book for All Seasons (ebook Gr: 1 to 3)

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Let's Make A Big Bok For All Seasons
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
70 pages
Grades: 1 to 3
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Start your emerging readers and writers with individual shape books with optional sentence frames and work towards independent authorship. The ultimate goal of a creative writing program is to develop independent authorship. These bookmaking patterns can be used as a stepping stone.The story frames encourage a creative written and illustrated response.

Some Patterns Included:

  1. Every Body needs a Home
  2. Haunted House
  3. My Pumpkin
  4. Bunny bunny bunny
  5. My Friendship Book
  6. The Story of Tad
  7. Busy as a Bee
  8. Are you a Butterfly


Store the patterns in file folders at your writing centre or make a special bookmaking centre. Photocopy pattern pages onto coloured bond paper and the cover onto construction paper.

Have fun being authors and illustrators!

Have fun being authors and illustrators!